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Who we are

Data Point is Modern Digital B2B Sales Consulting Company

We are data driven sales consulting company. Our core work consists of creating and working with custom built databases, task prepared communications and establishment of first contact with your leads... but EVEN more.

Focusing on data driven sales is a very cost effective solution. But still, a lot of modern companies use only conservative sales methods, that are valuable and hard to measure.

What we do

Building, owning and working with databases became almost crucial parameter for establishment of a successful business operation in many industries. We are able to prepare custom tailored B2B database for our clients according their needs and requirements. Our methods are capable of building almost any database in any industry, ranging from small restaurants to large producers. This will provide our clients with new opportunities to expand their business to new markets or straightening their position on theirs.

We understand that not every company needs large, well-funded sales department that can utilise existing database or successfully work with new ones. Here, we can provide our clients with consultations, custom built early contacting and custom-built communication methods (emails, presentations etc.). This outsourcing provides our clients with more convenient and flexible opinions in regards to their sales departments.

How the database process works


Our consultants will prepare a strategy for your business development. We are traders and entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience. Leave communication and sales hunting to us.

Database creation

We will prepare a database of B2B contacts for you specifically according to your needs. Our prices are very favourable, starting from EUR 0.60 per contact.


Our communication department will ensure the first contact with potential partners. We provide basic design services and writing business texts in Slovak, English and German.

Sales support

We will prepare sales materials (professional email and presentation/offer) and sales strategy. We will contact said database in personal approach in order to maximize the efficiency and mark all the info regarding contacting and other relevant information. We would manage the sales process until interest stage and then forward it to your sales teams. All the preparation and contacting will be done in most professional way. The filled database will of course stay with you for eventual future work. This whole process will be under your brand and we can do it without need of establishing branch in EU.

Benefits that define us

Business experience

Unlike most database companies, we have most a business background, not an IT background.

Creative communication

We provide professional copywriting and basic design services for our clients. English is not a problem for us, quite the opposite.

Excellent price

Our prices are really affordable. We also work with small companies. We calculate the return on investment in months, not years.

Detailed analytics

We are very good with numbers. After each completed project, we submit a detailed analysis of the project, including an evaluation of the benefits.

What's so special about

Who's your DataPoint support team

Company Management


Matej Ilavsky

CFO & CO-owner

EU Team


Zbyšek Herrmann

Sales Manager CZ


Rastislav Kalnassy

IT Manager


Specialist Ⅰ


Specialist Ⅱ







Dubai and Korea Team

We will be here for you soon

"The digital revolution is upon us even much more impact than the innovation of writing, or letterpress."


DataPoint Ltd.

Office: +421 (0) 238 105 551     sales@datapoint.digital


Our Location


Galvaniho 6
821 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Company Adress:

Galvaniho 12
821 04 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


Company ID: 51 166 887
Tax Number: 2120624594
VAT Number: SK2120624594
Bank: Fio banka a.s.
IBAN: SK50 8330 0000 0027 0194 1080